About CanPath

CanPath stands for the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health. The CanPath project is studying the biology and behaviours of Canadians to learn more about the causes of chronic disease and cancer for the good of our country and people around the world.

CanPath is a living population laboratory containing a wealth of data from more than 330,000 Canadians and is the largest data collection of its kind in Canadian history. Participants aged 30-74 voluntarily share their health and biological information over the next 50 years. Researchers study these data to understand disease risk factors better to help unlock the mysteries of what causes cancer and other chronic diseases.

CanPATH logo

CanPath expects – and beginning to see – real, tangible results, outcomes and remains focused on a not too distant future in which the actions we take today can improve and save lives tomorrow.

Learn more about CanPath by visiting their website, along with all the other regional cohorts that make up this legacy project.