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Online Questionnarie - FAQ

Using the digital platform
Questionnaire specific questions

I. Using the digital paltform

You can provide your consent by visiting participant portal on Healthy Future Sask study website. A copy of consent form will be available to download after consent is submitted.

Please follow the steps below to sign the online consent:

  1. Follow the link to join the study:
  2. Click "Click here to take the survey" to provide your consent

  3. After filling all your information, click "Add signature" (red arrow)

  4. Use your mouse to draw your name or signature in the box (yellow arrow). Then click "Save signature" (red arrow)

  5. Click "Submit" (red arrow) to provide your consent

  6. Click on "Download" (red arrow) to down load a copy of your consent form for future reference

  7. Click on "Begin survey" (green arrow in the above picture) to start your questionnaire

After providing your consent to participate in Healthy Future Sask study, you click on “Begin survey” button at the bottom left corner to get directed to the online questionnaire.

No! You are able to step away at any time. Simply click the “Save & Return Later” button at the bottom of the page you are on. Enter your email address where requested, and record down the access code provided on the page. You will be sent a survey link via email and use the access code recorded to access to the questionnaire to where you left off.

Questions in each page must be completed before moving to the next page.

Below or beside the response options will be the word “reset”. If you click this word all response options should appear and your chosen answer will be erased.

At the end of the page, there is a “Previous Page” button. Click on this button to go back to the previous page to review and modify your answers.

Yes! At the top right of the page are the controls to resize the font. By clicking the (+) you will increase the size of the font. By clicking the (-), you will decrease the size of the font

Based on your responses, some questions may not be applicable to you. The questionnaire is designed to automatically skip those questions.


Please choose the answer that reflects your most current situation. For example, if you are currently divorced/widowed/separated and are currently married and/or living with a partner, please select Married and/or living with a partner.

No, please do not include adult roommates as Married and/or living with a partner.

Please fill in a zero, do not leave it blank.

This question is specifically asking about hormone-based contraceptives and does NOT INCLUDE intra-uterine devices (IUDs) that are copper based. Please note, this question covers the use of a hormonal contraceptive for any reason (e.g., control bleeding; regulate period, to have period, for treatment of acne or others).

Please provide the age you became pregnant, not your age when you had the baby.

For the purpose of this questionnaire, pumping breast milk is considered breastfeeding. Please include the number of months that you pumped breast milk as time breastfeeding.

If an IUD or other hormonal contraceptive(s) made your menstrual periods stop for more than one year, the answer should be “No”, because your menstrual periods would be/are expected to return if the IUD were to be removed/you stopped using the hormonal contraceptives.

No, for the purpose of this question, fertility treatment is not considered a form of HRT. Question WH12 asks about the use of hormone fertility treatment.

No, do not consider a TIA or mini stroke to count as a stroke. Please record your TIA by writing it in for question PM05.

No, do not consider prediabetes to be diabetes. Please record your diagnosis of prediabetes by writing it in for question PM05.

For the purpose of this questionnaire, any depression that has been diagnosed by a physician is considered Major Depression. This includes clinical, mild, situational, and post-partum depressions, as long as it was diagnosed by a physician.

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are both considered Chronic Hepatitis. Hepatitis A is NOT considered Chronic Hepatitis.

No. If you have osteopenia, but not osteoporosis, your answer should be ‘No’.

No. If you have bursitis, please write it in as a separate condition for question PM05.

Yes. Gout is considered a type of Arthritis.

The DIN is an 8-digit number printed on the prescription label. The DIN is NOT the prescription/Rx number. If you are not able to find the DIN, please provide the medication strength (e.g., 20 mg) and the manufacturer (e.g,. APO, PMS, TEVA), which is usually given as a prefix in front of the medication name.

In any situation you should add up all situations of purposeful sleep. In this situation, you should answer 5 hours and 45 minutes.

We are looking for you to provide us a total of how many drinks (of the provided types) you drink during a typical weekday and typical weekend during the past 12 months. This number should reflect your answer to AU02 (if you said 4 – 5 times per week, we are expecting to see a minimum of 4 drinks recorded on the AU03 table).

For example, if you typically drink a glass of red wine on Monday, two beer on Wednesday, three beer on Friday, and one rum and coke on Saturday you would:

  • Put ‘1’ Red Wine in the ‘Number of drinks on weekdays’ column
  • Put ‘2’ Beer in the ‘Number of drinks on weekdays’ column
  • Put ‘3’ Beer in the ‘Number of drinks on weekends’ column
  • Put ‘1’ Liquor or Spirit in the ‘Number of drinks on weekends’ column

This question is asking about your current consumption relative to YOUR heaviest period of drinking. If your current consumption of alcohol is similar to what it has been throughout your life, please select “About the same”. If your current consumption of alcohol is your heaviest period of drinking throughout your life, please select “About the same”.

This question is asking if you have ever smoked cigarettes on more days than not. In other words, 4 or more days per week/7 days.

For the purposes of this questionnaire, vaping is considered to be smoking.

No. please note we are only asking about smoking marijuana in this section, not the consumption of marijuana-based products.

11. Ethnic Background Section
EB01. Can I select more than one?

Yes, select as many responses as are applicable, including ‘Don’t Know’ with any other ethnicity.

For the purpose of this questionnaire England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all part of the United Kingdom.

Answer these questions based on your working status/position before you left for your current leave, if you intend to return to that position once your leave is over.

If you set your own schedule and it does not fall into any of the other categories, select ‘Irregular Schedule’.

Additional questions

Do you have additional questions you could not find the answer to here?

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